Supporting Fellow Writers

by Deb Dudley

Over the past twelve months, I have attended SEVERAL book events.  When a local children’s writer is launching their latest and greatest – I try to be there. When an award-winning author visits my favorite local bookstore (BBGB) – I mark it with Sharpie on my calendar. I am honored to attend these events and celebrate in a fellow writer’s success. I’m not into movie premieres or music concerts. I am a book lover and a writer.

If you are a kid lit writer in the Richmond area, I hope to meet you at one of your events or bump into you as we celebrate another writer’s success. If you are an aspiring writer and you’ve never attended a book launch or author visit, you really owe it to yourself and your fellow writers to go. Enjoy the positive energy in the air. Meet other writers and readers. Take note of the details and learn. I promise you’ll be inspired. And maybe one step closer to hosting your own event someday.

Here are just a few fun photos from my recent travels:

BG Nennessy and bbgb owner Jenesse Evertson (r)


Mac Barnett signs Oh No! & two copies of his Caldecott Honor Book, Extra Yarn on 4/3/13 at bbgb


Brian Rock launches The Deductive Detective, March 16, 2013, at the Children’s Museum.

Lana Krumwiede launches Freakling at bbgb, October 2012.

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