Here’s to snow days…

Soot-black night retreats, leaving

Unexpected gift
In grey morning’s frozen white

 I confess to being a creature of habit. So, ordinarily, I object to having my plans changed suddenly even if the change agent is something uncontrollable like the weather. Earlier this month, the announcements of school closings and probable accumulation of snow brought my plans for a day or two to a screeching halt. I feel compelled to disclose that I have no school-age children, so having toddlers or teens suddenly underfoot wasn’t the problem. Still, there were appointments and errands to cancel or reschedule. But my mood improved as I grasped the opportunities presented by the disruption. The bad weather was really a gift, if I could change my attitude. I now had an abundance of writing time; time to ponder, hours of silence to write or revise, opportunities for taking breaks and then to return again, to plan, ponder, write and revise. It’s not often I’m able to indulge my muse like that. So here’s to the gift of a long stretch of uninterrupted time, a silver lining if ever there was one. Because found time is writing time. So… what did you do with the gift of unplanned time when the cold and snow brought everyone and everything to a stand-still last week? I hope you wrote!

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