Looking in on RCW

by Hazel Buys

For the past three to four years I have been working on mystery novels for middle grade.

Recently our fearless leader at the RCW set out a challenge: write short stories for middle grade.

Why do I find that scary? As I said, I write mystery NOVELS for middle grade. Uh, oh.

But I remembered an artist friend of mine complaining about an exhibition opportunity he’d offered to his painting friends. He needed small works (I’m talking inches here) for an exhibit in a small space.

‘I don’t work small,’ came the reply. My friend’s response was, ‘neither do I, but I’m going to give it a try.’

Give it a try. Powerful wisdom in those four words. I believe I will.

Is there something new and different you’ve dodged lately? Rethink that and give it a try.


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