Industry News: Why Writers are Watching #MSWL

twitter_icon_2011 by Deb Dudley

#MSWL is widely recognized on Twitter as the abbreviation for ManuScript Wish List. Trends in the publishing industry change quickly and editors and agents on Twitter will post #MSWL with their latest interests, hoping writers with polished manuscripts that match the criteria will query them. Sure most of them have brief summaries on their websites, but #MSWL often provides detailed specifics of what they want now. If you happen to be the lucky writer with a polished manuscript matching their #MSWL criteria, it could be your lucky day.
Now, a few important IFS (acronym for Instructions For Submitting) every writer should know.
IF you want to query an agent or editor, do your research. There’s a boatload of highly qualified agents and editors out there, but there are also some questionable characters. Google is your friend – search and learn. Scope out their websites, clients and book deals.
IF you plan to query, be sure to look at the instructions for submissions on their websites and follow them to the letter.
IF you get the urge to get cute, sarcastic or condescending in your query letter – SQUASH that urge like a bug. Most reputable publishing professionals only work with professionals. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, don’t waste it.
IF you are on Twitter, and watch the #MSWL never pitch your ms to the agent/editor on Twitter.
And last, but certainly not least…
If you are excited about the idea of #MSWL but you’re not a fan of Twitter, you’ll be happy to hear that the following website has recently been created so you can be privy to many of the #MSWL updates and other important writer resources.
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