Writer’s Shelf: Story Trumps Structure

by Lana Krumwiede Writers love writing. We love reading about writing. We love writing about writing. And, as this post proves, we even love writing about reading about writing! When it comes to pantsers (writing from the seat of your pants) versus plotters (outlining before writing), I fall squarely on the plotter side. To me, the … More Writer’s Shelf: Story Trumps Structure

Authorology Lab: Using Picture Books as Writing Prompts

by Lana Krumwiede Picture Books make great writing prompts. First, read the story and talk about it. What do we like about it? What makes it funny, or heartwarming, or sad? What was unexpected? Next, give the students a writing prompt and take a few minutes to brainstorm various approaches a writer might take.  I … More Authorology Lab: Using Picture Books as Writing Prompts

A Fly on the Wall

by Lana Krumwiede This is where we share some of the writing insights that came up in our most recent meeting. In our meetings, everyone shares about ten pages of their current projects. We read the manuscripts ahead of time. At the meeting, we share what we think is working well with the writing and … More A Fly on the Wall