The Story Behind “Melvin’s Morning”

By Vernon Wildy, Jr.

My idea for “Melvin’s Morning” came from thinking about all the stories my parents and my elders told me about Richmond.  Many went to either Maggie Walker or Armstrong for high school and then to Virginia Union for college.  My father graduated from Virginia Union and was and continues to be a faithful supporter of the school.  I spent many days as a boy tagging along with him to games at Hovey Field and Barco-Stevens Hall.  He also introduced me to some of his classmates and professors.


I think many people have little sense of just how much history is around them on a daily basis.  They won’t hear many stories about Richmond’s past and especially not about Jackson Ward.  I was lucky enough to learn a lot about the area when I was growing up and I wanted to give Melvin a taste of that through his interaction with his grandfather.