The Story Behind “The Earthologist’s Appentice”

by Lana Krumwiede

EarthologistThe story behind this story is a little complicated, because I can’t tell you the location where it takes place. The story began when I had the idea that it would be fun if one of the stories didn’t tell the reader the location. The reader would have to use clues in the story to figure out where the story happens. So I began to think about why the protagonist doesn’t know where he or she is. That led to setting the story WAAAAY in the future, when the earth was the site of an ancient civilization.

The young protagonist, Ocarr Theward, is an apprentice to a famous Earthologist. The word “Earthologist” is one that I made up to mirror the word “Egyptologist.” I read the account of the events surrounding the opening of King Tut’s tomb. In fact, Ocarr Theward’s name is an anagram of Howard Carter, the British egyptologist who discovered the entrance to King Tut’s tomb and was the first to enter. His fellow archaeologist was Lord Carnarvon. He was the one with all the money and financed the whole thing. Varnn Crao is an anagram of Carnarvon, but I made her a Lady instead of a Lord. When Howard Carter first entered the tomb, Carnarvon called out “Can you see anything?” and Howard called back, “Yes, wonderful things.”